We created a group on MeetUp called English For Users for all people who communicate in English but do not feel comfortable speaking it.

Our primary goal is to build self-confidence through authentic communication.

The keyword being “authentic,” for it is generally rare for education to be unscripted and spontaneous.

But this is exactly what we built with some groundbreaking results.

We stopped treating the attendees as language learners and started treating them as language users.

This move has reconfigured the dynamics of the meetings as well as their content.

It has leveled the playing field in the classroom: knowledge and skills are no longer distributed but are co-created and shared.

But it has also reoriented the content of the classes from mere pretexts to serious thinking.

Because as a language user you are so much more than a person who wants to improve their language.

It is your intellect, what you know and how you see reality that matters the most. Language is only a vehicle to sharing these thoughts with others.

And there is a world of concepts to explore and reflect upon: from toys and tools to freedom and independence.

The task is no longer to work on your language but to use language to gain deeper understanding of the world.

And the linguistic development, trust us, will take care of its own: silently through the back door.

Check out English For Users on Meetup https://meetu.ps/c/4PhbT/QH7MB/a

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